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Whether Cats Can Predict the Weather

Cats and other animals are much more sensitive to environmental phenomena than humans. They see, hear, and smell better than us. For centuries, cats have been surrounded by various superstitions. They were respected, revered, and even feared. In many cultures, it was believed that these pets could influence the weather and predict it. People believed that the upcoming weather phenomenon could be recognized by the behavior of a cat.

5-Minute Crafts studied the question and is ready to explain what cats actually feel and demonstrate.

Cats and superstitious beliefs

Today, we use the achievements of science to solve many problems. Our ancestors, who were not yet privy the benefits of technological progress, tried ascertain important information by watching the behavior of cats.

Here are several of the most common superstitions about cats and the weather gathered and published in a 19th-century book — a compilation of weather proverbs:

  • If the cat is sneezing, the rain is coming.
  • If the cat is lying on their back with their mouth up, the storm is on its way.
  • In winter, one should expect a thaw if the cat is washing its face with its back to the fire.
  • If the cat is snoring, the weather will become foul.
  • The rain will come after the cat washes their head behind their ears.

What cats actually feel

Due to how sensitive they are, a cat’s inner ear may detect the decrease in atmospheric pressure which happens when a storm is about to begin. These animals may learn to connect the pressure changes with the changes in the weather.

Cats may also sense the sound of thunder if a storm has already begun off in the distance, and detect the particular metallic scent of ozone gas created by lighting.

Can weather affect a cat’s mood?

Cats can change their moods depending on the weather, just like humans. They are affected by atmospheric pressure, temperature, and the seasonal amount of daylight.

For example, when cold weather comes the cats may become more active and playful. This happens because of their desire to keep warm. This kind of behavior may cause changes in appetite: cats eat more during the cold months.

However, all cats react to weather changes differently. Everything depends on their general health and mood. That’s why a particular cat can’t be a reliable weather forecaster.

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