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Why People Close Their Eyes When Kissing

It seems that closing one’s eyes while kissing is an absolutely spontaneous yet normal thing. However, scientists found out that there is a certain reason behind it.

5-Minute Crafts found out why people tend to close their eyes during a kiss.

Kissing is...

kiss is touching another person or object with your lips. Depending on the culture, kissing can express not only love and passion, but also respect, affection, greetings, friendship, peace, and even good luck.

Why people close their eyes when kissing

Studies show that people in romantic relationships synchronize their heart rate and brain waves in the presence of each other. According to another study, a person’s brain synchronizes with their partner’s brain when kissing.

During a kiss, the faces are so close that it is difficult for the eyes to focus, and instead of a clear image, we see a blur. It doesn’t look very romantic, and closed eyes allow you to avoid this.

In another study, psychologists found that the more the eyes are involved in doing any work, the more tactile sensations decrease in a person at that moment. So when the brain is focused on something visually, it is more difficult for it to process physical sensations. This led the scientists to suggest that closing your eyes allows you to be less distracted and better focused on the current task or feeling.

Also, closed eyes simply help a person relax and not feel too shy.

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