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80 Words to Use Instead of Very

80 Words to Use Instead of Very

The word “very” is commonly used to increase the intensity of an adjective or verb. When you find yourself in a situation where more formal and proper speech is expected, like a job interview, saying “very” can be too vague or simplistic. 5-Minute Crafts will show you alternatives to “very” that make you sound smarter and more convincing.

Why you should replace “very” with other words

  • To make your speaking stand out, avoid using very with an adjective or verb to describe something. English allows you to replace that formation with simpler one-word adjectives that make you sound more concise and professional.
  • The overuse of “very” can also make you sound repetitive.
    For example: “This presentation was very good and very interesting.” A smarter sentence would be: “This presentation was excellent and captivating.”

Alternatives to “very beautiful” and “very ugly”

Alternatives to “very quiet” and “very loud”

Alternatives to “very big” and “very small”

Alternatives to “very clean” and “very dirty”

Alternatives to “very easy” and “very hard”

Alternatives to “very boring” and “very interesting”

Alternatives to “very dark” and “very bright”

Alternatives to “very fast” and “very slow”

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