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What Dog Breeds Are Most Apartment-Friendly

We all like different places, seasons, and dishes — even our preferred pets differ. Some people like pugs, while others are crazy about rottweilers. But there are some dog breeds that shouldn’t be kept in an apartment setting, even if you like them a lot.

5-Minute Crafts is telling you what dog breeds are most apartment-friendly.

Bichon frise

This friendly and charming dog is a good option for someone who lives in an apartment. Though they are quite active and can even take part in sports competitions, dogs of this breed can have a good time simply lying on a couch. Moreover, their small weight won’t create much noise for the downstairs neighbors.


Bulldogs are of medium size and moderately energetic. This breed can live in a house or in an apartment of any size, but, of course, the owner should engage in some physical activity with the dog to keep their health in check. Bulldogs will gladly lie on the couch with their owners and watch TV.


Anyone who has ever had to deal with a chihuahua will say that these dogs are quite smart with a whole lot of personality. It’s easy to travel with them thanks to their small size and they are very social. Chihuahuas are perfect for living in an apartment, however, they should be walked daily.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The owners of this dog breed will surely tell you that this is a perfect pet dog. They are very loyal, friendly, and quiet. Moreover, cavaliers are quite tiny and can fit in most small flats.


This extremely affectionate breed feels perfectly happy living in an apartment. Still, Maltese dogs require daily walking and active games. Despite their fluffiness, they don’t shed a lot and don’t do well in cold weather.

Basset hound

A faithful companion dog, basset hounds make good apartment dogs thanks to their exercise requirements — one walk a day will be enough for them. The rest of the time, basset hounds can be found lying on their dog bed or on a rug in the living room. However, be sure to keep their propensity to drool in mind, as well as their loud voices.

Shih Tzu

Apart from many other advantages, these loyal and affectionate dogs do well with kids and make great apartment pets. The Shih Tzu breed develops a strong bond with their families but will be okay if you need to leave them for some time. It’s important to start training a Shih Tzu at a young age, as it is difficult to correct their behavior at an older age.

French bulldog

Seemingly created for living in apartments, French bulldogs have won the hearts of city dwellers. They are small, are not prone to barking a lot, and don’t shed much. Moreover, they only require a quick walk in order to fulfill their need for physical activities.


Regardless of their size, poodles make good apartment dogs. They communicate well with kids and are considered to be hypoallergenic. However, they should be socialized and trained. It’s also important to check and groom their fur to prevent it from matting and becoming full of knots.


These small dogs are good for living in apartments — they rarely bark and are joyful and fun. They like to snort and one should pay special attention to the folds in their face when giving them a bath. Also, this breed overheats easily, so it’s important not to let that happen.

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