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The Difference Between Parquet and Laminate Flooring

Choosing the right flooring is very important. But sometimes it’s really hard not to get confused by the wide variety of flooring types, like laminate, linoleum, parquet, cork, self-leveling concrete, and more.

At 5-Minute Crafts, we decided to figure out the differences between 2 popular flooring types: laminate and parquet.


First, let’s find out what parquet is. This flooring is made of natural wood. Parquet flooring creates a cozy atmosphere in the room and helps keep the heat in. It’s also quite durable and sustainable. Parquet improves the microclimate in the room thanks to its ability to absorb odors. Parquet flooring can be repeatedly renovated because it’s made from natural wood. However, it needs to be properly maintained. It needs regular cleaning and to be re-oiled once a year.


Laminate flooring is made from several layers of different materials (paper, glue, plastics, and fiberboard), but as a rule, it is based on plastic. Laminate flooring often looks like wood. Actually, the main difference between laminate and parquet flooring is in the materials they’re made from. Laminate is artificial flooring, which makes it much less environmentally friendly. And if scratches or dents on parquet flooring can be removed by polishing and repairing, this doesn’t work with laminate flooring. However, high-quality laminate flooring is also very durable.

Which one to choose

Both types of flooring have their pros and cons. So which one should you choose? First of all, it depends on your needs. If you want to lay new flooring in your own home, opt for parquet flooring. If you want to have a new floor in a rental apartment, then laminate flooring will be the best choice because it’s cheaper.

Also, laminate flooring is perfect for small shops, hotels, or cafes. It’s important to keep in mind that laminate flooring is not suitable for bathrooms since moisture can cause irreversible deformation. Laying laminate is quite easy, and an ordinary technician can handle it.

Parquet flooring can be laid in any room of the house. But you will need professional help for this. If you plan to have underfloor heating, parquet is much more suitable for this than laminate.

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