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Etiquette Rules That Many People Forget to Follow, Part 2

Our first installment about the norms of etiquette that many people forget to follow was a huge success among our readers, which is why we decided to continue getting you familiar with behavior rules that we need in our everyday life.

5-Minute Crafts is telling you about unobvious yet necessary etiquette rules.

Eat a banana with the help of a knife and fork.

It’s not difficult to eat a banana correctly (you can watch how to do it here). Place it on a plate, cut the peel with a knife, and eat the fruit by cutting it in one-bite chunks. Don’t bite a banana holding it in your hand if you are in a public place.

Don’t use a spoon for rolling spaghetti.

In order not to turn the pasta-eating experience into torture, roll the spaghetti on the fork with the help of the plate itself the way it’s shown in the photo. Don’t roll portions that are too big on the fork, and don’t use a spoon.

Stir sugar correctly.

When stirring sugar, don’t let the teaspoon touch the walls or the edges of the cup as not to create unnecessary noise. You can watch how to do it correctly here.

When eating with someone, place sauce on the personal plate.

If you are having dinner with your friends, don’t dip your snacks into a common pot with sauce. Using a spoon, place some of this treat on your personal plate.

Let the food cool down.

Don’t blow on your soup to make it cool down faster. If your food is hot, simply wait. Fill the spoon ¾ full and hold it over your plate to cool the contents of the spoon before you bring it to your mouth.

Wait until food is served to everyone at the dining table.

Don’t start to eat any food if your dining companions haven’t received their plates yet. No matter how disappointing it might sound, you have to wait until everyone is able to enjoy the food.

Don’t talk on the phone while standing in a line.

It’s a sign of bad manners to be loudly speaking on the phone in public places, such as lines, cafes, or cinemas. Tell whoever you’re speaking to that you’ll call them back after you finish your tasks.

Don’t wear a hat indoors.

According to the rules of etiquette, you can wear a hat on the street or in public places. This applies to airports, railway stations, elevators, and public transport. But one shouldn’t wear a winter hat at work or when visiting someone’s place.

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