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How to Choose a Tasty Melon

How to Choose a Tasty Melon

A melon is any plant of the Cucurbitaceae family that contains sweet fruit. From a botanical point of view, a melon is actually a berry. In many regions, this is a seasonal plant that’s considered a summertime meal essential.

In order to choose a sweet, juicy, and aromatic melon, you’d better know several tips. We at 5-Minute Crafts have successfully learned how to choose the tastiest of melons, and we decided to share our knowledge with you.

Benefits melons bring to our bodies

🟡 In hot weather, it’s very useful to eat products with a large amount of liquid, that’s why the benefits of eating melon for maintaining the body’s water balance are priceless.

🟡 Cantaloupe contains a lot of vitamin C.

🟡 Melons contain few calories. Depending on the variety, it’s about 34-36 kcal per 100 g.

🟡 Due to a large amount of fiber, melon has a good effect on the digestive tract.

🟡 Honeydew contains B-group vitamins, including B6, which is beneficial for brain function.

🟡 Melons are rich in calcium.

🟡 They contain antioxidants that are beneficial for the body.

Assess the color.

🚫 A melon shouldn’t be green.

✅ Go for ones with peels that are white or yellowish in color. A white melon is not completely ripe, but it can ripen at room temperature. The yellow color is a sign of ripeness.

Slide your hand over the peel.

✅ If the peel is a little sticky, it means there’s a lot of sugar in the melon and it’s coming out. This is a good sign.

Touch the melon’s blossom end.

✅ The blossom end is the part opposite of the stem. It should have a little give when light pressure is applied.

🚫 If it gives too much, it means the melon is overripe.

🚫 If it doesn’t give at all when pressed, it means the melon is unripe.

Examine the tail end.

✅ Examine the tail of the melon. It should be dry in torpedo-type melons. It’s a sign that the melon is ripe.

Smell the aroma.

✅ A ripe melon will have a sweet honey smell.

Hold the melon in your hands.

Take the melon in your hands.

✅ It should seem heavy for its size. It indicates that the melon contains a lot of liquid.

Shake the melon.

✅ If it’s ripe, you’ll feel the seeds move inside.

Keep the melon correctly.

✅ It’s recommended to cut the melon right before serving it.

✅ It’s advised to not remove seeds from uncut parts. They should be packed tightly in a food film and placed into the fridge.

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