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How to Use a Urinal Without Splashing Yourself or the Floor: 6 Tips

Urinals are often found in public toilets for men and are very efficient, as they can be used while standing. They’re also generally more sanitary because there are no fecal germs on them and no handles or locks that have been exposed to bacteria, and they’re faster to use. They also need less space and not much water. However, although very practical, urinals also have their downsides, like splashback.

To avoid coming out of the restroom with spots on your pants, 5-Minute Crafts prepared this article with some tips to help you use the urinal correctly.

1. Reduce the distance.

Your position is crucial. Most men stand about 10 inches away from the urinal, but it’s better to stand as close as possible to it. It may sound counterproductive, but the chances of pee splashing back are actually lower. While moving through the air, the urine stream breaks up into little droplets toward the end, which create a splashback. That means that the shorter the distance, the smaller the stream break.

2. Find the right angle.

The best angle to pee into a urinal is downward. It can reduce the splashback, as the droplets that bounce back flow down into the drain. Also, aim so that the stream hits the back of the urinal. This will cause fewer droplets because the impact intensity will be lower

3. Go left or right.

Since the angle is essential, try to tilt the stream sideways. Remember that you need to avoid right angles — aim for smaller ones.

4. Point the stream toward the insert.

Try to point the stream into the splash-reducing inserts. If there are no inserts, you can put down a layer of toilet paper to absorb the hit.

5. Vertical vs horizontal surfaces

Testing has shown that it’s better to aim for vertical surfaces than horizontal ones. This can decrease the impact angle, which will minimize the splash.

6. Avoid the puddles.

Although it can seem like a good idea — thinking that the puddles can soften the impact — it’s actually quite the opposite. Everything that hits the water will make a splash, so it’s better to avoid aiming the stream at it.

Note: Detergents can also increase the splashback because they reduce the surface tension. This means that a dirty urinal can actually make less of a mess.

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