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25 People Who Proved Anything Can Look as Good as New If You Just Clean It

We tend to think that it’s easier to throw away old, worn-out things than try to restore them. But there are those who are not afraid of rust stains, grease, and dirt. They arm themselves with improvised tools and work real miracles.

5-Minute Crafts put together some photos from Internet users who managed to cope with stubborn dirt and give new life to old things.

“I found a small 925 stamp on this tarnish brooch, so bought it. I love cleaning up silver!”

An old briefcase after cleaning and conditioning

“I saved a lot on these teak lounge chairs. A quick scrub with soap and water does wonders.”

“I also gave these a light sanding with 220 grit paper to smooth out all of the weathered grain and a good wipe down with teak oil.”

“My mom’s old purse before and after cleaning and polishing”

“A 30-minute soak in vinegar”

“I came home early this morning, saw how terribly grungy my front door was, and decided to change it.”

“I found this locked-up old monkey wrench at a swap meet. I cleaned it up and discovered an inscription that has patent dates June 26, 1866, and March 28, 1869. Cool little wrench!”

Shower cabin: before and after

“30 years of grease and grime on the pot, before and after cleaning”

“My girlfriend did this — she’s a keeper.”

“An antique oil can I found at a swap meet and cleaned up — now I’m going to put it to work in my garage.”

“Here’s a before and after of a utility sink at another store in the district. Thank goodness for scrubby brushes, scrubby sponges, and bleach.”

“If you really want the chandelier clean, you’ve got to take each piece down and wash them by hand.”

“My mom cleaned the pool.”

“For a while, I dreamt of a ring like this. I found it at the local flea market. It was bent and grimy. Hot water and baking soda cleaning and one trip to the goldsmith to bend it back was all it took.”

“I cleaned the mixer and added a bowl — good as new!”

Sometimes you can clean things that seem to be uncleanable.

The pond before and after cleaning

“I rescued an old rotten outdoor table. My recipe: pressure wash, dry sand, and oil.”

“I received this secondhand kettle through my local Buy Nothing group. I cleaned it up and descaled it with vinegar. Good as new!”

“One cycle with a cleaner for hard water stains, and the results are amazing.”

“I found this before and after from over the summer. It’s only been about 2 years since the last cleaning.”

“I just cleaned and repainted my very tired sneakers.”

“My friend’s house burnt down and her cast iron pan was one of the few recognizable things in the rubble. It seemed hopeless to clean it out but I took the risk.”

“3 hours of pure hardcore moss annihilation — it was worth every back ache.”

Preview photo credit Fandangojango / Reddit
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