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The Checklist for Spring-Cleaning

Spring is the traditional time for general cleaning. This is also a good reason to refresh your interior and reorganize the space in your home.

At 5-Minute Crafts, we brainstormed and prepared an extensive checklist for spring-cleaning. It will help you keep everything in mind and bring order to your house.

All rooms

  1. Wash the windows and radiators.

  2. Clean the window frames.

  3. Wash the curtains.

  4. Wash the window blinds or roller window shades.

  5. Wipe the doors and door handles.

  6. Wipe the light switches.

  7. Wash the mirrors.

  8. Wipe the walls and remove stains from them.

  9. Wipe the lights.

  10. Replace the burned-out bulbs.

  11. Dust all the surfaces.

  12. Organize your wardrobes and closets and wipe the shelves.

  13. Clean the carpets.

  14. Wipe the floor borders.

  15. Sweep and wash the floors.


  1. Clean the stove.

  2. Clean the oven.

  3. Clean residue off baking trays and pans.

  4. Remove limescale from the teapot.

  5. Remove stains from plastic tableware.

  6. Clean the microwave.

  7. Clean the multicooker, mixer, toaster, and other kitchen appliances.

  8. Wash the kitchen hood.

  9. Clean the sink and faucet.

  10. Wash and disinfect the trash can.

  11. Replace old kitchen sponges and rubber gloves.

  12. Defrost the fridge and wash it.

  13. Organize the pantry.

  14. Wash towels, aprons, tablecloths, potholders, and other kitchen textiles.


  1. Wash tiles.

  2. Wipe the towel drying rack.

  3. Clean the showerhead and faucets.

  4. Clean the sink.

  5. Clean the bathtub.

  6. Clean the toilet.

  7. Clean the washing machine.

  8. Wash or replace the shower curtain.

  9. Wash towels.

  10. Sort your beauty products and throw away the expired ones.


  1. Wipe the entrance door, locks, and door handle.

  2. Clean winter shoes.

  3. Wash your puffer jackets, coats, and winter accessories, or take them to the dry cleaner.

  4. Store away your winter clothes and shoes.

Living room

  1. Clean the seating furniture.

  2. Wash the upholstery and cushions or take them to the dry cleaner.

  3. Clean and disinfect stuffed toys.

  4. Dust photo and painting frames.

  5. Dust books and organize them.

  6. Wipe the case and the screen of the TV set.

  7. Clean your laptop, computer, keyboard, and other peripheral devices.

  8. Organize the storage of wires.


  1. Wash pillows, blankets, and plaids, or take them to the dry cleaner.

  2. Vacuum and clean the mattress.

  3. Remove lint from clothes.

  4. Organize your wardrobe and fold your clothes.

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